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Each 2022-23 Upper Deck Extended Hockey Hobby Box contains 24 packs with 8 cards in each pack!

Complete your 2022-23 Upper Deck base set – the most cherished and widely-collected annual set in hockey!

Extended Series delivers the final 250 cards: 200 veterans, 30 Young Guns® and 20 1st Round Rookies (2022-23 rookies that were first round selections). Each box contains six (6) Young Guns/1st Round Rookies cards, on average.

Also collect Exclusives (#’d to 100), High Gloss (#’d to 10) and French parallels, as well as Hobby-exclusive Clear Cut parallels!

Also complete your 2022-23 UD Canvas set! In addition to the veteran cards, keep an eye out for Young Guns, Legends (New!) and All-Star Weekend (New!) subset cards.

Lucky collectors will pull rare and Hobby-exclusive Black & White Variations!

Finish off your Blue Dazzlers and Pink Dazzlers insert sets with the final 50 cards of the 2022-23 season. The checklist features several superstars! Look for one (1) Blue Dazzlers card per box, on average.

Extended Series delivers several classic Upper Deck insert sets that will catch the eye of all collectors:

New! 2006-07 Black Diamond Retros: Star veterans and rookies with 1, 2, 3, and 4 star variations on the 2006-07 Black Diamond base design. Keep an eye out for Ruby (#’d to 100) and Emerald Auto (#’d to 10) parallels.

New! 1997-98 SPx Retros: Each card sports the classic 1997-98 SPx basketball base design while the checklist features top veterans and rookies. Look for Bronze (#’d to 250) and Gold (#’d to 50) parallels.

HoloGrFX: Star veteran and rookie sets with a stunning Gold parallel that will enhance any collection! Also search for Future Fame cards that feature superstars that should be first ballot Hall of Famers.

New! Black Diamond Dominance: Another classic 90’s design returns featuring active veteran stars and rookies. All cards are serially-#’d, including the Emerald (#’d to 100) parallel.

New! 1999 History Class: Go back in time to the turn of the century with this set featuring top rookies and active stars. The set also features serially-#’d Level 1 (#’d to 100) and Level 2 (#’d to 25) parallels.

New! 1997 Collector’s Choice Commemorative: Collectors can put together 3-card puzzle pieces featuring superstars and top rookies! There are three tiers of rarity, with the rookies being the rarest.

Collect the 2007-08 Upper Deck retro set, including Young Guns®! Look for both Exclusives (#’d to 100) and High Gloss (#’d to 10) parallels as well.

Look for all-new Smooth Grooves and Clear Dominance cards that put a PETG spin on classic designs. Keep an eye out for Sapphire (#’d to 150) parallels of the Smooth Grooves set and Gold Spectrum (#’d to 25) parallels of both!

BOX BREAK (on average)

  • 6 Young Guns/1st Round Rookies Cards
  • 4 2007-08 Upper Deck Retro Cards (Includes Young Guns)
  • 4 UD Canvas Cards (Includes Young Guns)
  • 2 2006-07 Black Diamond Retros Cards (Includes Rookies)
  • 2 #’d and/or Rare Ratio’d Cards
  • 1 1997-98 SPx Retro – Sky Blue Card (Includes Rookies)
  • 1 Dazzlers – Blue Card
  • 1 Clear Dominance or Smooth Grooves PETG Card
  • 1 Base Set – French Parallel Card (Includes Young Guns/1st Round Rookies)
  • 1 1999 History Class Card (Includes Rookies)
  • 1 1997 Collectors Choice Commemorative Card (Includes Rookies)

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