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    2022-23 Allure® sports a 150-card Base Set featuring 100 veterans and 50 rookies - the latter falling two (2) per box, on average. With several colorful parallel sets to build, including an autograph parallel, Allure® will appeal to a wide variety of collectors.

    Collect one (1) all-new and Retail & Blaster-Exclusive Glitter Bomb parallel per box, on average.

    Also collect two (2) Retail & Blaster-Exclusive White Diamond parallels per box, on average.

    Keep an eye out for all-new Gold Glitter Bomb (#’d to 199) parallels!

    Back by Popular Demand! The Color Flow insert, which boasts a stellar new design, gives fans and collectors the opportunity to build a “rainbow set” for up to 100 players (top rookies and star vets). A rainbow set can be constructed by lining up the Color Flow - Red-Orange card of a particular player with the Orange-Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green-Blue and Blue-Purple parallel. Get your sets started with two (2) Color Flow - Red-Orange cards per box, on average!

    The insert lineup in the latest edition of Allure® also features two returning classics along with some intriguing new sets. Here is a rundown:

    Iced Out: This popular Allure® staple returns with a new design! The checklist features a mix of active stars and top rookies. Look for one per box, on average.

    New! Runways: This brand new set features a checklist of young active stars and rookies.

    New! Check Please: Keep an eye out for these rare and uniquely-designed cards celebrating the checking aspect of the game.

    New! Blockers: This set pays homage to many of the league’s top goalies. 

    16-Bit: A returning, rare set themed after the 16-bit video game era featuring the league’s top active stars & rookies.

    New! All-Time Allure: A new set highlighting legends of the game.

    New! Game Stills: A brand new insert highlighting current stars during in-game moments. 

    New! Doubloons: Lucky collectors will pull one of these rare and “golden” gems featuring an active star, legend or top rookie. 

    Allure Quartz: The crown jewel of the insert sets! This popular die-cut insert features an impressive checklist consisting of the top stars and rookies in the game today. 


Content, including the stated checklist #’ing, card #’ing and ratios, is subject to change. Additionally, this list may not contain all cards available in the product as there could be unannounced cards.

Insert Cards

Card                                     #’ing/Ratio

16-Bit                                 1:1620

New! All-Time Allure                             1:640

Allure Quartz                             1:50

Allure Quartz Rookies                            1:100

New! Blockers                                                                                                               1:15

New! Check Please                                                                                                      1:200

New Design! Color Flow - Red-Orange                                                                       1:10

New Design! Color Flow - Orange-Yellow Parallel                 1:20

New Design! Color Flow - Yellow-Green Parallel                 1:40

New Design! Color Flow - Green-Blue Parallel                1:60

New Design! Color Flow - Blue-Purple Parallel                 1:120

New! Doubloons                            1:1600                

New! Game Stills                             1:25

Iced Out                                 1:20

New! Runways                             1:25

Base Set Cards

Card                                                         #’ing/Ratio

Base Set (1-100)                             1:0.5

Base Set - Black Rainbow Parallel                         1:6

Base Set - Red Rainbow Parallel                         1:10

Base Set - Red Rainbow Auto Parallel                     1:600

Base Set - Orange Slice Die-Cut Parallel                     1:30

New! Base Set - Gold Glitter Bomb Parallel                    #’d to 199

New! Base Set - Glitter Bomb Parallel                                                                         1:8

Retail & Blaster Exclusive! Base Set - White Diamond Parallel                               1:4

New! Base Set - Photo Variations Parallel                    1:67

Base Set Rookies (101-150)                         1:2

Base Set Rookies - Black Rainbow Parallel                     1:12

Base Set Rookies - Red Rainbow Parallel                     1:20

Base Set Rookies - Orange Slice Die-Cut Parallel                 1:60

New! Base Set Rookies - Gold Glitter Bomb Parallel                #’d to 199

New! Base Set Rookies - Glitter Bomb Parallel                 1:15

Retail & Blaster Exclusive! Base Set Rookies - White Diamond Parallel         1:8

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